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Why Sole of shoe wear out differently from other?

Why does the sole of one shoe wear out differently from the other?


There are a few things that can cause this, but whatever the cause, it is a strong indicator that you have some significant problems in your body’s biomechanics. Pelvic misalignments will cause more pressure to be on one leg than the other causing the abnormal wear.

Another area to look at very closely are the bones in your feet. You have

26 bones in each foot and they can misalign just like your spine. Anytime you get adjusted you should have your feet checked to make sure those bones are functioning well. If they are not, it will change your gait dramatically affecting the wear pattern on the soles of your shoes, but more importantly it puts tremendous strain on your lower back. As a lower extremity specialist, I believe checking the function of the feet is critical in the overall health of your spinal column.

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