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Why am I developing a hump at the base of my neck?

HQ4.jpg There is daily pressure at the base of our necks. All day long we have to hold our head up, and this becomes more stressful if we are sitting at a computer all day. Forward head posture is altogether too common in our society.

The steps to correcting and/or preventing a hump:

  • Ensure the spine is in the proper alignment with chiropractic adjustments
  • Receive instruction on how to maintain proper posture
  • Do the exercise and stretches HealthQuest will give to pull your shoulders back.

When we adjust the vertebrae at the base of your neck to restore the proper position and motion, this alone will reduce the hump. Combine the adjustment with the exercise and the hump will dissipate for good. There are a few conditions that will cause this later in life. Osteoporosis is a good example of this, but even then it can be prevented with gentle adjustments and the proper exercise. The side effect of correcting this posture is that neck pain and headaches will go away as well.

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