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Plantar Fascitis/Foot Pain

Plantar fascitis is when the plantar fascia ligament is strained or torn. It is an overuse injury causing micro tears of the plantar fascia. In some cases, a heel spur may develop. It may be due to abnormal heel impact, flat feet, ill-fitting shoes, or leg-length discrepancy. PF is often associated with walking, running, tennis, gymnastics, and basketball. It may be due to a new or unusual activity. Pain is usually worse upon rising out of bed, or after long rest periods. Pain increases with running or toward the end of the day. Treatment includes correcting the foot alignment, strengthening exercises, balance board activity, and possible foot orthotics or heel pads.


  • The bottom of your foot may hurt when you stand.
  • Pain usually occurs on the inside of the foot, near the spot where the heel and arch meet.
  • Pain may lessen after a few steps, but it comes back after rest or with prolonged movement.

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