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Is it true that chiropractors can help heartburn?


Nearly everything in your body is controlled by the nervous system either directly or indirectly. If there is a misaligned vertebra, it creates pressure on the nerve that comes off the spinal cord. The pressure on that nerve inhibits the function of whatever that nerve is trying to control.

With that explained, doesn’t it make sense that if you take the pressure off of the nervous system by getting the vertebra back in place, things are going to function better? This applies to all of your organs. I have frequently seen people have a reduction in their heart burn when they get their spinal column corrected.

Do chiropractors treat heart burn? I don’t-- my job is simply to take care of the spinal column, but as we do that we see a lot of these types of non musculo-skeletal symptoms go away. Chiropractic adjustments remove nerve pressure…even organs will function better.

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